Signing for a Delivery

Is scribbling something illegible on a piece of paper or LCD pad really a good way for signing for something? We do it when receiving packages, and paying with a credit card, it not only seems archaic but really pointless.Typically the person asking us to scribble does not confirm our identity in any other way, if the scribble wasn't done by the person who should've done the scribbling there isn't much of a recourse but to say, "well, here's the scribble I received from someone."If the process was being created today, I don't think signing would be the method. Cameras are so cheap and prevalent, a photo or even a 3-second clip of a delivery person handing the package is far more useful. Likewise, paying for something at the store, a quick video or photo would be simpler, easier, and actually provide a bit of useful info besides a scribble.The same could apply to anytime we're signing official documents. If you ever got a mortgage, the number of documents to sign are measured in inches. It's ridiculous! Somehow scribbling your name down is the legally binding thing. It seems like a video of you receiving the documents would actually show if you were really explained what you were signing and a better legal proof of what you were agreeing to.I know processes are already in place, but UPS and Fedex would seem like good candidates to start the procedure. Plus it would be a cool database of photos of people holding their newly delivered package.