A little about me, Marcus Kazmierczak…


I work in R&D at Hatch aiming to find better ways to help you rest and sleep.

Previously I led an engineering team at Automattic that worked on special projects, everything from mobile apps, to VR, to Raspberry Pi, and building a new WordPress editor.

Previously, I was the founding engineer at a start-up called Maya’s Mom. Our company was acquired by BabyCenter. I continued working for BabyCenter as VP of Engineering, leading the engineering team developing new features and services for millions of moms around the world.

I worked briefly at CNET as a consultant on the Haystack storage project, which was a massive storage solution for the Webshots photo sharing site. We basically built a closed Amazon S3 system a month or two prior to Amazon, they smartly did an open service.

I cut my technical chops at E-TRADE Financial for many years during the go-go dotcom days. I worked in the Architecture group on problems such as site scalability and performance. I also led the embracing of open source and converting the data center to Linux and open services such as Apache and Tomcat, which were radical ideas back then.

I publish most everything as open source at Open source is a great way to give back and help others, a small thing to grow the world’s knowledge and continue to inch the world forward.

You can read all the details in a more resume format on LinkedIn, though I don’t update it frequently.


I live in the Bay Area with my wife and two daughters. I’m an avid photographer, check out my personal site at to see my photo blog and galleries of my work. Plus I write various articles about technique and camera hacking that I’ve done.

I co-host the Reel DMC movie podcast with my friends, we publish a new episode every two weeks, give it a listen and subscribe.

Feel free to write me at: or find me on Mastodon