Fixing software bugs

Set screws. These are the tiny little screws used to hold on the handles for some bathroom fixtures. I didn’t know what they were called before, that would’ve saved me some time. The handles of our bathroom faucets would occasionally fall off, not often, but maybe weekly. I never really had a problem with them, […]

The WordPress Command Line Tool

One of my favorite WordPress tools is WP-CLI, the wp command-line tool. The tool allows you to do numerous things from installing WordPress, to upgrading, installing, and activating plugins and themes, configuring installs, and even generating dummy content. I’ll include a few of the most common things, check out the official WP-CLI documentation for more. […]

Using Block Patterns as content templates

Block patterns are great, one of the features I’m most excited for in WordPress. As block patterns mature and people adopt, they will be one of the best ways to share designs and templates. I’m looking forward to a rich repository to pull design ideas, the pattern directory is already filling up. Block patterns aren’t […]

Gutenberg and WordPress Core

I recently had the need to update Gutenberg packages that are in WordPress core for a point release. This required setting up a development environment where I can test Gutenberg code in WordPress but without using the Gutenberg plugin. This is not something most developers will need to do, it is my first time after […]

Make your own create-block templates

Did you know the create-block script can support templates? With templates you can create your own files to be generated for a new block. I see this being quite useful especially if you are an agency or business that creates many custom blocks, or for developers to share different block starting points. What is the […]

Using theme.json in a classic theme

WordPress 5.8 introduced theme.json, a way to specify styles to be generated for the editor and front-end. Theme.json is part of a suite of full site editing tools being developed for WordPress. You can start using it now in existing themes. Let’s dive in and show a few things you can do with it. Colors […]

Modern WordPress Development

There is a good discussion on modern WordPress development and a general lament about it’s complexity and change in the developer experience. Chris Wiegman tweeted out The deeper I get with modern WP dev the more I understand why newer devs don’t like to work on it. This is not the same project as it […]

Working with Animated GIFs

A few resources and snippets for working with animated GIFs on Linux. I use animated GIFs for various screenshots to highlight bugs or demonstrate features. It is quite useful to have For Windows 10, the ScreenToGif app is excellent. It is the only app I know that shows you every frame captured and allows editing […]

Conditionally Load Block Assets, Part 3

In WordPress 5.8, releasing on July 20, there is a much easier way to conditionally load block assets. This is the loading of JavaScript and/or stylesheets on the frontend only if the block is shown on the page. I wrote twice previously about solving this same problem. The first time, I solved checking if each […]

The Hill We Climb

I absolutely love the inauguration poem The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman. It was exactly what we needed, the poem is full of optimism and reality; beautifully capturing the current moment. It is rejuvenating to hear the poem and see the strength in Gorman, it fills me with hope. The text of the poem […]