Coding a Storybook Story

Being inspired by my colleague Jon Q videos for building a Gutenberg Component. I wanted to try my own, just focused on building the story part for Storybook.

Q's videos are great, they go deep into the thinking and details for designing components and a large component design system.

My screencast is just short and sweet, showing me taking an existing component and creating a Storybook story for it.

Oh yeh, I type loud, sorry. 😃

There is a large list of components that need stories, if you feel so inclined, grab one and code it up. Storybook is a fun playground. This is a good way to get some exposure working with it.

If you want to see the created code, here is PR #18027 that I created from the above session. One minor difference, after recording the video, I realized I could add one more knob for icon color.