Strange red light from my MacBook Pro

A very strange thing just occurred with my MacBook Pro. The audio output stopped completely, it was working earlier today. I tried to change the volume, and it showed as muted but with full volume, a bit weird. Plus it started emitting a strange red light out of the headphone jack.A little searching and supposedly the headphone jack does optical audio out, which some how must of got turned on. Considering all I use the headphone jack for is headphones, I'm not sure how that happened.After a little more searching, configuration changes and attempts to restore audio output, I just ended up plugging in my headphones hoping it will some how reverse it's current state. And it worked. Go figure.

Comments from my Visitors

Here is a link to their forum
I also got mine working with the toothpick. Inserted it gently a few time in the 6-7 o'clock position. There is a very small sensor or ?? in the back of the port. Once you touch it lightly, all is back to normal. I hope that works for you. -From ER

I just hit the same problem and touched the bottom of the port with my headphone jack for a while and it went away. Too weird. -From Tony Perrie

hey… this is a very frustrating thing to happen but thank goodness for postings such as this because I was able to fix it by wiggling a paperclip in the port until I found the reset button – D; this isn't easy but don't give up. I admit I might think twice before plugging in my headphones again… but for now I'm just happy to hear sound again. For such an expensive machine this is a problem they should have worked out before it went to market… Good luck and thanks for the sound advice. -From G

I just inserted the headphone jack back in and pulled it out really quickly a few times. Fixed it no problem.
I can admit though, I panicked when I saw that little red light.
-From ladyarmstrong

I just had exactly the same thing happen, and this page came up first on Google. Plugging my speakers into the headphone jack fixed it just like you said it did for you. Thanx for the tip! I'm sure it saved me at least an hour of frustration. -From scoob29

Worked for me too. Dunno if this is relevant but I sort of pushed the headphone jack to the right (So it rubbed the inside left of the port) and it worked. So glad to know it's not a big problem
-From Max

Wow…thanks for all the tips. I'm over in Germany and had this problem on my wife's MBP. I tried inserting, removing and wiggling the port with the headphone jack. It didn't work. I tried with a toothpick in several positions and finally just “flicked" it several times across the base of the port. It's back to normal. My guess is that there's some kind of sensor in the base of the port that get's stuck and needs to be reset. Whatever the case we're back to listening to Bob Marley.
-From RogerDodger

Hi guys,
Thanks so much for the advice. I've had this problem for about a week now and was dreading a costly repair. I tried stick the headphones in and out a few times and using a pin – didn't work. Finally I got a toothpick from my stanley knife and pressed down inside the port. Back to normal!
-From Cass

I had same problem as everyone has, Redlight from audio out, (Digital signal) and of course no sounds from built in speaker!, i read some of comments about insert toothpick and IT WORKED! everyone should try it, I was going to bring mine to tech support today, and I'm sure thye will charge me crazy money to repair, Anyway It's Free to try and IT WORKED!Grab a Nice and Clean Sharp Toothpick, and find a LIttle dent on 7'oclock position. and push that little dent for a several times, At first it will blink a few times, and keep trying until the red light go off, It took about only 2 minute! also make sure you won't damage any other port or parts, you have to push the toothpick very gently! Hopefuly everyone try it and works!I thought it's a setting problem in Sound Pref or Audio /MIDI PORT, but it's not! You just need to reset the actual Audio Port, Thanx to whoever found out this TOOTHPICK MAGIC!-From Ken

I had the same problem with the little red light in the headphones jack outlet with my macbook, I got really annoyed and I decided to plug in my speakers so I could actually hear people iming me but when I plugged it in, the red light went away. I guess my advice is to plug in some other kind of device for sound and see if it resets itself because mine worked that way.
-From Melanie

I had this same exact “Red Light" problem, I was without sound for three day!!!! I called the technical support number and even made an appointment with the Mac Store. I missed my appointment so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do a little searching for myself…. I didn't have a toothpick so i used a hairpin…..It definitely got the Job done!!!
-From Nisey