The Siren Call of the Upgrade

Appstore Badge

Apple introduced the latest OS upgrade and increased the enticement by making it free for everyone. Looking over the feature list, there was nothing in there I really cared about. The dubious promise of faster and better performance, it has compressed memory! My system didn't seem slow and I only run it on a iMac at home, so battery savings doesn't really matter.However, there it was a free upgrade, something new.I knew the upgrade would take awhile to download, awhile to install, there would be an unknown incompatibility or two, new features would not work as promised and in the end I would be able to do exactly what I was able to do before. Alas, there was the red badge sitting on the App Store icon.This time might be different, right. This might be the game changing upgrade that delivers wild productivity, super fast computer performance, rainbows and unicorns, this might be the one! How can I risk not upgrading, its free.In the end, I upgraded, as did you. The funny thing, most of my work on the Mac is done in a VM running Linux, so the host OS matters even less. Of course the upgrade broke the VM, so I had to upgrade VirtualBox and after a few restarts and fingers crossed, everything got back into the same working order I had before.No rainbows, no unicorns, but at least that red dot is gone.