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Last updated: January 2019

Here’s what I’m up to:

Living in Bay Area, with wife and two daughters (7, 6)

Working at Automattic mostly on new core editor for WordPress.

📚 Goal to read 25 books this year, see My Goodreads for latest, currently on-track.

📷 On Dec 23, 2018 I started posting a daily photo on my photography site, still going…

🎧 Podcasts – I listen to podcasts when running & driving around, my current list:

  • Bill Simmons Podcast – Sports and Pop Culture
  • Ringer NBA & Rewatchables Podcasts – Rewatchables discusses new classic movies like Silence of the Lambs, Heat, Point Break, …
  • 99% Invisible – design thoughts for things we don’t normally think about.
  • Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell reinterprets history.
  • Broken Record – Malcom Gladwell and Rick Rubin talk about music.
  • Song Exploder – Artists deep dive into a single song of theirs and all that went in to creating it.
  • LensWork – Brooks Jensen longest-running podcast on photography, short thoughts on photography and art.
  • Iterations – Jeffrey Saddoris short thoughts on photography and art.

🧰 Tools

Hardware and software I use:

Computer: My desktop is a System76 Meerkat which is the cutest computer ever. My laptop is a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition running Ubuntu 18.10, see my Dell XPS review.

Programming: Mostly working in JavaScript these days, which let’s just say I really like Golang. Text editing is in Vim and Visual Studio Code.  

Productivity: I recently switched to using vim-wiki for most everything. It is pretty amazing. I plan to write an article but want to get a few more months of usage.

Phone: Google Pixel 3, an amazing camera, er phone.

Digital Camera: Fuji X100F, its a fancy meatball. You can read my review of the Fuji X100S, the same gushing applies to this upgraded fourth version of the camera.

Film Camera: Nikon FM2 but shooting less film after finishing 52 rolls project