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Last updated: January 2017

Here’s what I’m up to:

  • Living in Bay Area, with wife and two daughters (5,4)

  • Working at Automattic mostly on a live chat app

  • Working on Twelves photo project

  • Aiming to read 25 books this year, see My Goodreads for latest

  • Continue running more, goal is to run another sub 2-hour half-marathon

  • Studying Spanish using Duolingo, supposedly 20% fluent.

  • Writing at, more bloggy stuff, leaving this site for just tech

  • Podcasts – I listen to podcasts when running & commuting, my current list

    • Exponent – Ben Thompson and James Allworth discuss tech deeply
    • Freakonomics – Stephen Dubner looks at hidden side of everything
    • Note to Self – Tech show for real people with Manoush Zomorodi
    • Planet Money – NPR show explaining the economy
    • Latino USA – NPR show with Latin focus
    • LensWork – Brooks Jensen longest-running podcast on photography
    • On Taking Pictures – Jeffrey Saddoris and Bill Wadman talk about photography
    • The Candid Frame – Ibarionex Perello interviews photographers


Hardware and software I use:

  • Computer: At home an iMac 5k Retina and on the road an older 15″ Macbook Pro, I prefer Linux but between work and Lightroom, might always need a Mac. A VirtualBox VM scratches the occasional itch.

  • Programming: Mostly working in Javascript these days, which let’s just say I really like Golang. Text editing is in Vim and Textmate.

  • Productivity: I primarily use Microsoft’s OneNote for writing, long term notes, see my article why it kicks ass. I use good old pen & paper for daily lists.

  • Phone: iPhone 6 due to previous iOS app work, I prefer Android but not enough to buy a new phone when the one I have works fine.

  • Digital Camera: Fuji X-Pro2 with their XF 23mm f/2 amazing camera, quality lenses, and weather resistant

  • Film Camera: Nikon FM2 but shooting less film after finishing 52 rolls project