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Last updated: June 2020

Here’s what I’m up to:

Living in Bay Area, with wife and two daughters (9, 7)

Working at Automattic mostly on new core editor for WordPress.

📚 Goal to read 25 books this year, see My Goodreads for latest, currently on-track.

📷 Photography is in a fallow period, you can see my previous daily photos on my photography site

🎧 Podcasts – I listen to podcasts when running & driving around, my current list:

  • Bill Simmons Podcast – Sports and Pop Culture
  • Ringer NBA & Rewatchables Podcasts – Rewatchables discusses new classic movies like Silence of the Lambs, Heat, Point Break, …
  • 99% Invisible – design thoughts for things we don’t normally think about.
  • LensWork – Brooks Jensen longest-running podcast on photography, short thoughts on photography and art.
  • Distributed – a podcast from Matt Mullenweg about remote work.
  • Gutenberg Changelog – a podcast about the Gutenberg project for WordPress by Birgit Pauli-Haack and Mark Uraine.

🧰 Tools

Hardware and software I use:

Computer: My desktop is Dell XPS 8930 running Windows 10, I need to write up a setup post, but Windows 10 is now quite usable, which is shocking for me to say. I still use my System76 Meerkat as a mini-server.

Programming: Mostly working in JavaScript these days, text editing is in Vim and Visual Studio Code.  I’ve started learning Rust and really enjoy it, but haven’t used in any sort of real project yet.

Productivity: I recently switched to using Obsidian for most everything. It works with folders of markdown files, so a portable and flexible system open to various tools. Obsidian is pretty amazing, I plan to write an article but want to get a few more months of usage.

Phone: Google Pixel 3, an amazing camera, er phone.

Digital Camera: N/A

Film Camera: Nikon FM2, Contax G2, and Bronica ETRSi but haven’t been shooting much lately.