Greatest Quarterbacks of Modern Era

My era begins with Joe Montana. I enjoyed the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders as a kid, but I didn't really know what I was watching. So sorry, Bradshaw, Plunkett, Unitas, etc… this list starts in 1980.

What is often overlooked is the conference championship game, only Kurt Warner and Eli Manning are undefeated in the game-before-the-big-game, and only Eli is undefeated in both. Whereas Donovan McNabb, who has a better win percentage, and rating than Eli, went 1-for-4 in championship games and lost in the Super Bowl.

Here are the stats and my ranking for the top Quarterbacks based on Winning Percentage, Championship Game Record, and Super Bowl Record.

RankQuarterbackWinning PctConferenceSuperbowlQBR
1Tom Brady183-52 (77.9%)7-45-297.2
2Joe Montana117-47 (71.3%)4-24-092.3
3Peyton Manning186-79 (70.2%)4-12-296.5
4Ben Roethlisberger123-60 (67.2%)3-22-194.1
5John Elway148-82 (64.3%)5-12-379.9
6Steve Young94-49 (65.7%)1-31-096.8
7Jim Kelly101-59 (63.1%)4-10-484.4
8Troy Aikman94-71 (57.0%)3-13-081.6
9Aaron Rogers90-45 (66.7%)1-21-0104.1
10Brett Favre169-100 (62.8%)2-31-186.0
11Drew Brees131-101 (56.5%)1-11-096.3
12Dan Marino147-93 (61.2%)1-20-186.4
13Kurt Warner57-44 (56.4%)3-01-293.7
14Eli Manning108-91 (54.3%)2-02-083.7
15Donovan McNabb82-45-1 (64.6%)1-40-185.6

‡ Data last collected Feb 5, 2017