Bauhaus Centenary Block

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Bauhaus design house, our team created a celebratory block for the WordPress editor, see our announcement post on

The Bauhaus Centenary block is available as a plugin with three styles – basic forms, year, and ribbon – that embraces the character, variety, and edge of the Bauhaus movement itself.

This is one of my favorite blocks, not for it's utility as most blocks are made, but for it's celebratory nature. It is not a block that will be popular, or even all that useful, but as a transitory block of expression -- the block as a medium for art.

One of the main goals of the Bauhaus design school was to unify art, craft, and technology. The founder, Walter Gropius, wanted to form a new guild of craftsmen without the class snobbery. This is what we are building with the Gutenberg project, WordPress, and the larger open-source movement.

This Bauhaus block is one small example of this. Try it out, play with it, and celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus. Block source also available on Github.