Sports Books

In the March 14, 2019 episode of the Bill Simmons Podcast, Bill and the Sports Repodders go over their list of their favorite sports books, ones they recommend to read for up-and-coming writers and those interested in the craft. I’ve been looking for a good list of sports books to read, so I compiled their […]

Greatest Day in Fantasy Football

What was the single greatest day a player scored in fantasy football? It is an interesting question, and unfortunately, due to incomplete box scores from times of yore, it might not be answerable. After scouring through the data at Pro Football Reference, here’s what I found:   Rushing Receiving Return   Player Team Date YDS […]

NBA Draft Positions

A bit of data analysis of draft positions across starting lineups in the NBA. For the five starting players on each team, I collected the draft positions and year drafted. So the data is for the 150 players across the 30 teams. I figure starters tend to have the biggest impact and what you want […]

Greatest Quarterbacks of Modern Era

My era begins with Joe Montana. I enjoyed the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders as a kid, but I didn’t really know what I was watching. So sorry, Bradshaw, Plunkett, Unitas, etc… this list starts in 1980. What is often overlooked is the conference championship game, only Kurt Warner and Eli Manning are undefeated in […]

Homerun Record – What might of been

Updated: August 31, 2018 Back in 2007, I predicted a short life for Barry Bonds’s home run record. Alex Rodriguez was on pace to blow by it. Plus it looked like after A-Rod set it, Albert Pujols would be right on his tail and likely passing him up. A-Rod will fall short with 696 career […]