Running Stats 2015

Updated: In Life

A year in review for my running in 2015, see previous years 2011, 2012, and 2014.

Another weak year of running, the encouraging part is I’ve been more motivated late in the year. I’m aiming to be more consistent for 2016, and hope to get another race or two in. I’m getting much slower too, but I expect that is due to lack of consistency.

Summary 2015

Total Miles: 46.6 miles
Total Time: 9 hrs 9 min 57 secs
Avg Pace: 11:48/mi
Total Days Run: 13 days

Races 2015

No races. šŸ˜ž

Year Totals

2006: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡  62.55
2007: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ 229.50
2008: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ 245.76
2009: ā–‡  16.43
2010: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡  56.22
2011: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ 532.22
2012: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ 144.52
2013: |   0.00
2014: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡  72.17
2015: ā–‡ā–‡ā–‡  46.63

2015 Calendar View

I switched how I’m displaying the year view to a calendar heatmap, ala Github. This allows for packing a dense amount of information into a relatively small area. Now you can see all my past running stats on one page. See my calendar heatmap Running Stats.

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