Working with Vim

Working with Vim

A set of vim tips and features to help you improve your fluency with vim. This started as my personal cheat sheet, than a post, and now numerous pages. I keep adding to it over time so who knows where it ends.

The lessons are organized in a linear fashion, so simpler sections first, and more complex as it goes. Jump around to whatever section might be of interest. Hopefully there is something new to learn in each area.

A basic understanding of vim is a prerequisite, I try to explain everything but assume some base knowledge.

Learn Basics

The program vimtutor is a great way to learn the basics of vim. It is an interactive tutorial in vim walking through vim. Depending on your OS and how vim is installed, you may need to install the full vim package.

Ubuntu for example, only ships with a minimal vim package that does not include the tutorial. You need to install a full version, such as apt install vim-gtk first.

If you use Neovim, run :Tutor inside the editor.