Working with Vim

Navigation Marks

See :help marks Navigation marks allow you to mark spots in your buffer and jump back and forth between marks. This is useful if you find yourself moving around a buffer, say for table of contents, imports, or constructors.

Automatic Marks

Vim automatically creates these marks:

`` or '' : jump back to previous position

`. or '. : jump to last spot edited

Create your own named marks using a single letter [a-z]

ma : create named mark a

`a or 'a : jump to mark named a

:marks : See all available marks

The lowercase navigation marks [a-z] are remembered as long as the file remains in the buffer list. If you remove the file, or delete the line that contains a mark, that mark is erased.

File Marks

Use capital letters [A-Z] as file marks that allows you to jump to different files. Vim will even open the file if it is closed. File marks are stored in ~/.viminfo and will persist between sessions. See the video in Buffer section for an example.