Working with Vim

Git Integration

By default, Vim provides no integration with git, all functionality is provided by plugins. There are a wide range of plugins and features to choose from, so your setup will depend on what you want to do.

I prefer to do my gitting on the command-line, so I know exactly what is happening. However, there are still a few plugins that I use to make things easier.

View Git Changes

For viewing changes in a single-file, the gitgutter plugin adds visual cues for additions, subtractions, and modifications in the gutter left of the line numbers.

The vim-gitgutter plugin also provides functions to navigate to changed hunks of code. I setup the following two maps to navigate to next and previous hunks:

nmap <Leader>gn <Plug>GitGutterNextHunk  " git next
nmap <Leader>gp <Plug>GitGutterPrevHunk  " git previous

The plugin also provides features beyond just visual cues. Here are the top ones that I use frequently:

  1. Use :GitGutterPreviewHunk to see hunk changes
  2. Use :GitGutterUndoHunk to revert hunk
  3. Use :GitGutterStageHunk for selective staging of hunks

gitgutter example

Git Blame History

The git-messenger plugin provides blame information on a per-line basis. It will display the info in a Scratch window, or pop-up window if supporteed. Activate the plugin using the :GitMessenger function to display the last commit message that modified the line.

Running :GitMessenger with a message displayed enters that message buffer allowing you to navigate back to older commits by typing o key. See :help :GitMessenger for more. git-messenger

git-messenger example

View Git History

The Agit plugin displays repository information using a tabpage with multiple windows. The plugin can browse through the full repository history using :Agit or a single file history using :AgitFile Agit example

Agit example